We are the Teaching Nerds

Do you eagerly spend hours, days, and weeks lesson plan writing, studying the data, and getting lost in learning about the student’s stories? When some teachers complain that about the challenges in teaching, deep inside you know it is all worth it? Then you are one of us, welcome to the Teaching Nerd tribe.

When I was young we would call those students in class that knew everything, and had a little too much enthusiasm for school, nerds. The “NERD” word was one I was called, and used against others but I never looked up what it┬áreally meant. According to the Merriam Webster (and myself) a nerd is…

Alright my fellow teacher nerds, we are here we are awkward, but we love what we do.

We are here, we are awkward, and we love what we do. If you fit the definition we welcome you to our nerd tribe.

Top 5 Must Do’s for New Teacher Nerds

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  2. Check out the blog and Pin some lessons for later.
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  4. Dig around in Book Reviews and download a FREE Professional Learning Committee Guide.
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