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Goal Setting- Have A Productive 2017


Goal setting

I have had a passion for goal setting since I was a little girl.  It combined my favorite things- list making and plotting how to get a skill, or thing I really wanted. It all started when I was in 4th grade and saw a giant stuffed unicorn…I mean yuge (to borrow from our future president).  This guy had fur that was soft as that squishy sweet spot on my puppy’s forehead, you know right between his brown sugar eyes. The unicorn was $60. I small fortune for a 4th grader.

So I got to work. Using my natural skills for persuasion I got my sister to team up with me. Together we mapped out how much money we could raise with chores. (The house was spotless after this.) And then we had to branch out so we made flyers for baby sitting and pressured our parents into passing them out to their friends. Well..long story short the plot worked. The unicorn was procured and there were many happy hours spent with him. And so my long relationship with goal setting was born.

Well this year has been no different…there are tons of bucket list items I am ready to get done. My top priorities are growing my online business, growing my social media, and to start sharing more of what I have learned by creating online courses. I have had my Teachers Pay Teachers online business, and it has been growing slowly but it has not been one of my top priorities. This year that changes. I’ve gown social media accounts for other organizations but never my own…I know I’m nuts. This is the year.

3 Steps to a Year that will Change Your Life

Three steps are not a ton and to be honest they are super recursive. You will flow between them as you work toward your goal setting magic. Enough introduction..let’s get this show get started!

Step 1: Write Your Goals down

First, if you want to get something done you have to have it on your list. Write down those goals. Don’t go nuts this isn’t a grocery list. You want to pick out the top 3-5 things that you are passionate about. Be careful the more you pick the higher the chance that you will get overwhelmed and then you will not get anything done. I’ve done this a couple of times. My sweet spot is 3.

What do you want to accomplish by December 2017? Do you want to pay off your car/house/credit cards? Or do you want to build a bigger business, like myself? Whatever it is write it down and put those goals in a place where you can see it over and over again. For me I have this written down in a Google Doc, on my calendar, and on my planner. The more reminders we have the higher the likelihood that we will accomplish those goals.

Step 2: Make a plan.

Second, in order for you to reach a goal you need to break it down into a month to month plan. Be realistic with yourself. I lay my personal life calendar next to my Goal Setting Calendar and make sure I am being super realistic for each week. If it is Mother’s day week I know that I won’t get a ton of computer time between the brunches, and the gift shopping. So will need to make sure that the goals step list reflect that.

So how will this look? When I wanted to grow my TeachersPayTeachers store from an average income of $100-300 a month to over $1,000 I knew that I was going to need more lessons. To make more money you have to have more products. So I set two goals one to post 60 products, and to use Pinterest to promote my store every week. My weekly goal was to create one lesson every other week so I could add 20 that year. Then I made a point to Pin daily, and join collaborative Pinterest boards. It worked. Now I have over 70 products. (I love it when I over shoot a goal.)

Plus I had a cool side effect my income also increased…to 5 months last year over $1,000.  The plan for this year is to do the same..well with a little more. I want to hit 100 lesson plans posted. And this time I want to create/work an actual marketing plan for my products (novel idea).

Step 3: Work Your Booty OFF!

Nothing works unless you do…trite but true. To reach my goal last year I had it paced out each month I had to create around 2 lessons. Some months I would hammer out two shorter ones other times I would finish an older lesson or work on a monster bundle. I learned that to be successful you need to be focussed. If you goal is to pay off something you need to make sure you aren’t distracted by those new shoes, or Starbucks coffee. Go ahead and put that money away and toward your goal. Set aside the time you will need to make your goal achievable. For example, I know that each lesson will take any where from 8-40 hours to create. So I know that to make two a month I will need to schedule that time without distractions.

Now, the trick is to make sure that if you have a bad month it doesn’t kill your year of hard work. Every month take a minute to reflect on what you have accomplished. Sometimes this will fill you with pride. However, there are those months where pride is not the word you will want to use. If you have one of those rough months adjust your goals and have a go at it again. Or maybe change that monthly goal to something you know you can get done. Get your self back on the wagon and on your way to achieving what you wanted.

In Conclusion

I want you to have all the tools you need to make this year start with a bang! So I am sharing my Goal Setting Calendar, click “make copy” and edit to your hearts content. I use this so I can print out each month’s list and refer back to it throughout the year.

Now the best way to start a new habit is to have a buddy. I would love to be that for you. Click on the link below and join our Goal Check in Group or Go and join my Facebook PageWe are a community of learners and are always welcoming new folks. 😀

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