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Do you want to grow professionally, get advice creating a teacher brand, or inspired to create for the classroom?

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About us

Launched in 2016 for a creative, community of educators, and rockstar bloggers, TN is a fast growing global tribe ready to teach the world. We believe in engaging learning, where students are being prepared for the world they will enter.

  • We believe that educators are  powerful movers, and shakers in their community, state and nation.
  • We believe that teacher bloggers  have a meaningful message to share and that we work better together than apart.
  • We believe that  you have a goal so big that at times it may scare you, but we aren’t scared. We think that with a little coaching, and community like ours you will accomplish amazing things.

Basically- TEACHERS ROCK! We know you do this because you have a passion for your profession, your content and your community. We are here to support you. 

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So, this greatness had to start somewhere…


School has been my sport since the very beginning. Sure, I’m 6’2 with a wingspan coaches dream of, but I also have two left feet that seem to be stuck in mud at alternate times. I didn’t want to be a teacher, both my parents had degrees in education and found their way to a more “prestigious” careers. After 6 years in the classroom, and an MBA in Marketing in my back pocket my life was changed forever through a marketing internship that sent me to Africa.  I came home ready to teach.

Teaching Nerd was kicked off by me, Valerie Furnas, (aka inspired teacher extraordinaire.) When I came back from Africa I still faced many of the challenges that were pushing me to the brink of leaving forever. I wanted a platform where I could help teachers in that same struggle come back to the reason they started in the first place. I am passionate about helping others to create, teach, and be as happy as I am in the classroom.