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Chubby Bunny’s Ink

The Early Beginnings of the Teaching Nerd

Chubby Bunny's Ink, an educational publishing company focused on engaging lessons that have students practice questioning, and creating.

The Unlikely Writer

When I was in school, you know back in the early days post dinosaur but pre computer, I was an average student. I worked really hard.  Reading was a struggle for me, even though math concepts came quick, still made “sloppy” mistakes. Numbers would get jumbled up and my spelling was a hot mess. The school folks  knew I was struggling so I was put into a special class. I am assuming it wasn’t for superstars based on the other dumplings that were in there with me. The only things I remember about the class was the speed reading. To this point I always thought I was “smart.” This class and feeling this classification of “slow” was a tough hit to my self-esteem.

In Freshmen English we were learning poetry and I wrote the worse poem in mankind. It started, “There once was a girl who was 6’2,” riveting, clearly. This silly little poem made me feel like a writer, because of my teacher. I know she was busy.  Lord knows this poem was a mess, but she was so kind in her enthusiasm and feedback. From that point,  I was hooked. I would spill out my heart through poems, in short stories but deep down there was always that fear that the writing wasn’t good enough.

A Bunny was Born

I think the feeling of being “behind” or “slower” than others has never left me, but I have used it as motivation to be a relentless learner, educator and writer. Early on I got involved in my districts curriculum writing, and worked for the Texas State Historical Society writing lessons for the new Almanac. This experience cascaded into other opportunities to write.  Inspired I took the next step and formed my own company. Picking out a logo was easy. Always being on the chubby side of the fitness spectrum, and wanting a student friendly…fluffy name Chubby Bunny’s Ink was born.

The Mission Continues

Chubby Bunny’s Ink was formed to provide educators top quality lessons, that will engage learners, encourage questioning, and employ higher order thinking and processing skills.